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How We Are Improving to Meet Your Needs

Six years after launching our groundbreaking platform for due diligence surveys, IncQuery continues to grow by introducing new products, services, and support, while enhancing existing ones, to meet our clients’ changing needs. 

“We’re never satisfied with the status quo,” said IncQuery CEO Felipe Ochoa. “Continuous improvement is written into our DNA. We listen carefully to our clients and adapt to meet their challenges.” 

What We’re Doing 

Here are some of the changes we have made recently: 

  • An entirely new website experience: We have completely redesigned our website from the bottom up to provide even easier access to useful and relevant information. 
  • Qcision: Our recently launched data modeling tool gives clients access to data cuts as early as soft launch, reducing the time it takes to gain meaningful insights from survey data. Current IncQuery clients can ask their survey directors for more information. 
  • New thought leadership: Building on the success of the Consultant’s Guide to Due Diligence Surveys, we’re continuing to expand our library of resources for consultants struggling with primary research surveys. Some of our recent posts include guidance on screener questions, logic tools, minimizing survey fatigue, and more. 
  • Increased global footprint: The IncQuery team grew 135% over the past year. We now have team members across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Why We’re Doing It 

The landscape for due diligence research is complex and growing more challenging by the day. The volume of private equity deals combined with economic headwinds puts more pressure on consultants to deliver results in shorter timeframes. 

Our new website, products, services, and thought leadership reinforce our original promise to consultants: to reduce the time it takes to design, program, and launch surveys through collaborative tools and expert support.