Diligence surveys at the speed of private equity

In private equity, 2-3 week survey timelines from proposal to recommendation leave little margin for error. Thankfully, this is where IncQuery shines as a partner.

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Deliver powerful insights at lightning speed

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Unparalleled speed

The IncQuery platform was built with due diligence in mind. You can begin writing anytime, day or night. We do the heavy lifting for you, empowering you to launch surveys on your timeline.

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Ultimate flexibility

We offer flexibility to add questions, adjust quotas and respondents, and download results in multiple formats at any time during the survey process.

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High-quality insights

Our survey directors work closely with you throughout the entire survey process, programming complex logic and offering best-practice recommendations to ensure your survey delivers the strongest insights possible.


Client offices served worldwide

We know diligence. We have helped clients in every region launch high-stakes diligence surveys quickly and efficiently.

When you need a recommendation or set of data points in a matter of weeks, being able to launch a survey in 2-3 days is a significant competitive advantage.

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We support global due diligence in any industry

Our team has seen it all, from broad consumer surveys with a single survey path to niche B2B surveys targeting highly specialized senior executives. Some of the industries we help diligence include:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer
  • Media and Telecom
  • Industrials
  • Retail
  • Business services
  • Financial markets