Deliver extraordinary strategic insights with minimal effort

Clients expect rich insights from their consulting partners with surveys as a key piece of the puzzle. We make delivering strategic insights effortless.

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Frictionless survey support


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White Glove Support

Our expert survey directors help with coding and programming while providing valuable guidance on best practices and effective survey design.

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Less Frustration

Say goodbye to frenetic, endless Word revisions. Collaborate directly with colleagues and survey directors in the IncQuery tool to streamline the process.

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Easy Analysis

Get the data exactly how you want it — classic wide files or flat files. You can analyze your data with IncQuery's custom-built data-cutting tool, or use Excel, traditional survey analysis tools, or BI tools like Tableau.


Average survey programming hours saved per project 

The efficiency of IncQuery's process results in significantly less time spent writing, testing, and revising surveys.

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Spend less time on surveys and more time on strategy

IncQuery's uniquely collaborative platform and talented survey directors equal quicker results and richer insights.

  • Launch surveys faster for more analysis time
  • Leverage our survey directors' expertise
  • Reach your audience faster with multi-panel integration
  • Easily test, edit, and share survey drafts
  • Complex question types add depth to your survey
  • Collaborate with multiple team members live
  • Spend less time formatting with our automated tool
  • Translate and test multilingual surveys side-by-side