Advanced Survey Capabilities for Everyone    

Deliver data-driven insights to clients without giving up the advantages of being an independent consultant or part of a boutique firm.

The Survey Solution for Nimble Firms 

As an independent consultant or a professional at a boutique firm, you offer clients flexibility, expertise, and personalized service that larger competitors can't match.

But many small firms struggle with primary research — especially surveys. That’s because they simply don’t have the resources, headcount, and established processes that bigger firms do.

IncQuery’s revolutionary approach to survey programming gives you the power to create and field sophisticated surveys simply and efficiently.

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Focus on What You Do Best

IncQuery lets you concentrate on your areas of expertise, not the technical aspects of coding and survey methodology. We program your survey in real time as you create it, ensure the right quality checks are in place, and help with best practices.

That means you can work on the parts of the survey that require your expert knowledge. We take care of the rest.

“It frees us up to do more value-added activity.”

Gavin Payne Founder and CEO, Payne Enterprises

Surprisingly Simple yet Amazingly Advanced

IncQuery’s interface is so user-friendly that you can begin writing questions as soon as you set up the survey. Built-in collaboration tools and preprogrammed templates make your job easier than ever.

While easy to use, IncQuery puts powerful survey features at your fingertips, including advanced logic, conjoint analysis, and MaxDiff analysis.

Remember: You don’t need to learn how to code. We can program advanced pathing and complex question types for you.

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How IncQuery Helps You Shine 

For independent consultants and boutiques, surveys can be time-intensive, intimidating, and confusing to create. That’s not the case with IncQuery. We give you the following: 



Get high-quality surveys in the field in hours, not days.

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Dive into the intuitive platform and start writing questions immediately. 



Replace emails and messy Word docs with a collaborative workspace. 



Our survey directors will take care of all the programming for you in real-time.

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“When you take the capabilities in the platform and then layer on the expertise and helpfulness of everyone on the team, I think that combination’s really unbeatable.”
Luke Secosky Founder and owner, Secosky Consulting Group

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