Gain an Edge in Investment Research 

Make data-driven decisions with actionable survey results. 

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Stronger Insights 

You need timely, accurate, and quantifiable data to evaluate markets, screen potential targets, prepare for acquisitions, and unlock value. 

Surveys are the best way to discover that critical data, but they can be inefficient and time-consuming to create. IncQuery removes the obstacles between you and the high-quality survey data you need. 

Simplicity, Quality, Accuracy

IncQuery combines easy-to-use features with real-time programming support to allow anyone, regardless of experience, to create surveys with ease. 

You can dive into the intuitive platform and start writing questions immediately. Our survey directors will take care of all the programming for you.    

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Adding Value to Primary Research

Surveys play an invaluable role at multiple stages of the deal pipeline:

  • Early conviction: Identify trends in markets and consumer sentiment.
  • Preliminary diligence: Identify and research potential targets.
  • Due diligence: Confirm growth potential and positioning.
  • Post-acquisition: Evaluate opportunities for additional growth. 

How We Help You Overcome Challenges 

With other partners, surveys can be time-intensive, intimidating, and confusing to create. That’s not the case with IncQuery. We give you the following: 



Get high-quality surveys in the field in hours, not days. 



Replace emails and messy Word docs with a collaborative workspace. 



Flag unqualified respondents with quality control tools.



Reach the highest quality respondents across multiple providers. 



Gain insights after launch with data cuts. 

It’s more than just doing what we say. IncQuery can provide value that makes it more of a partnership instead of a client-vendor relationship.
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Discover why IncQuery is the leading programming provider of quantitative surveys for primary research. 

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