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A Better Way to Author and Program Surveys 

Some survey partners expect you to become a master coder overnight. Others make you give up control of the survey programming process entirely. With IncQuery, you’re always in the driver’s seat with an experienced guide and navigator at your side. 

IncQuery helps you succeed by combining: 

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Survey Programming

We match our programming process to your timeline, not the other way around. Write your survey while our team codes complex logic to simplify authoring and reduce launch time. 

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Survey Directors

Feel confident knowing that our survey directors are expert coders and committed to your success. We connect you with two of them at every project launch for greater responsiveness and more hours covered.



Our platform, with its intuitive commenting feature, is built to make even the most complex of surveys easy and frictionless to create.

Maximize Impact and Minimize Risk

IncQuery was built for accuracy. Our survey directors ensure every part of your survey is coded correctly, which means you won’t discover survey-breaking mistakes just before launch or after the survey goes live.  

Since survey directors work as part of your team, they understand your research goals and can offer helpful guidance to ensure you’re asking relevant and meaningful questions. 


Streamline Your Surveys and Launch 50% Faster

Private equity due diligence timelines are generally less than 3 weeks long.

Our entire process is designed to fit within that timeline without sacrificing quality.



Create an account

Create your IncQuery account via our secure registration page. Once approved, you'll be able to create a new survey and start writing immediately.



Write your survey

As soon as you've created your new survey, we'll get in touch to introduce your designated survey directors who will support your project from beginning to end.

Learn more about our team.



Launch your survey

Once writing and testing is complete, we'll soft launch your survey to ensure things are working as intended, followed by full launch shortly after. We're able to launch 2-3 days after survey creation, sometimes faster.



Collect results

We can adjust your quotas during fielding to ensure you get the data you need. Export your data anytime and analyze it with IncQuery's custom-built data-cutting tools, Excel, or BI tools like Tableau — the choice is yours.

Learn how IncQuery can help you reduce stress, save time, and deliver quality.

We understand your time is valuable and limited. We’ve streamlined our onboarding process to give you access to survey support as quickly as possible.

Here’s what happens when you fill in the form:

  1. We’ll reach out to schedule a brief demo call.
  2. On the call, we’ll take you through the platform and answer any questions you might have.
  3. If we’re a good fit, we’ll invite you to create an account where you can start authoring your survey immediately!


"IncQuery is the most effective survey tool and survey service I've used."

Partner, Boutique Consulting Firm, New York

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