Expand your team with IncQuery's survey directors

Most survey solutions ask you to submit drafts to a siloed engineering team or work with disconnected project managers not invested in your project's success.

At IncQuery, we match you with two professional survey directors as personal survey leads to ensure you receive consistent, dedicated support.

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Quickly and painlessly deploy any survey question

Our survey directors serve as an extension of your team, equally dedicated to the success of your project as you are.

With their help, you’ll be able to deploy anything from simple termination logic to complex conjoints and Gabor-Granger pricing questions.

“Our survey directors were fantastic -- super responsive and quick to implement everything. They were also very helpful providing context and guidance on using the platform, which was much appreciated as it was my first time.”

Associate Consultant, Top 3 management consulting firm
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Seamless integration of survey authoring and coding

When you write your survey on the IncQuery platform, collaboration with our survey directors is as easy as leaving a comment in a shared Word document. Write as much survey logic as you want and leave the complicated coding to us.

Watch updates happen in real time as your survey directors make changes reflected in your survey immediately.

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Our team blends diversity and dedication to excellence

Our recruitment process is designed to surface creative problem solvers with a unique combination of exceptional engineering skills and client service. Every team member is prepared to run through walls to successfully launch your survey.


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Survey directors with graduate degrees


Team members with experience in coding and client success


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