Pricing Surveys

Spend less time developing pricing surveys — and more time working with data to help provide the best insights for your clients.

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Pricing surveys made easy

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Ultrafast Delivery

Other providers take days to code complex pricing questions. We do it in hours, giving you more time for analysis.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Complex question types (like max diff, conjoint, and Gabor Granger) are notoriously error prone. IncQuery’s unique approach ensures question integrity and accurate results. 

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Richer Insights

IncQuery allows you to tap into richer insights without sacrificing speed. Set your deliverables apart from your competition without extending your timelines.


Faster conjoint implementation

Where other providers program conjoint questions in around 40 hours, IncQuery delivers in just 4.

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Implement the most difficult pricing questions with ease

Complex question types — especially those used in many pricing surveys — are notoriously complicated, error-prone, and inflexible. IncQuery's survey engineers have helped many teams like yours implement these challenging questions to produce timely, accurate, and actionable data for clients.

  • Fully coded conjoint questions in hours
  • Flexibility to change scales
  • Accuracy through streamlined programming
  • Clear exports for client feedback
  • Easy testing of complex questions
  • No additional cost for complex question types