A single platform for the entire survey process

Our collaborative platform is custom-built to accelerate the survey launch process. Manage quotas, survey content, panel providers, and results, all from a single workspace.

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Built for simultaneous collaboration

The greatest time sink for launching surveys is inefficient collaboration. That’s why we designed our platform to enable better communication between colleagues, clients, and the IncQuery team with built-in comment sections in every part of the site.

“I really liked being able to talk to the coders directly to explain the logic and rationale behind what we needed. Real-time coding was great & enabled us to get the survey out at least a day in advance.”

Engagement manager, top 3 management consulting firm


Historic Net Promoter Score (NPS), all-time

Our clients’ feedback speaks for itself. Of the users who provided feedback, 99% of them work in management consulting or private equity.

A feature-rich platform designed for due diligence and strategy surveys

Every feature we implement addresses the unique challenges that consultants face when launching surveys on a tight timeline.

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Integration with dozens of global panel providers

With IncQuery, you can work with the right panel for your project - or multiple panels simultaneously - allowing you to find the right audience and hit target quotas.


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Survey directors that optimize speed and deployment

From the moment you create your survey on our platform, two survey directors will be available to build out complex logic and advise on survey design best practices through full launch.

The help in coding is invaluable - accelerates our process at a critical juncture, while providing a quality review that I highly value. After doing this twice now, I trust the IncQuery project management team as a partner.
Consultant, Big 4 Accounting Firm

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