A survey solution for mission-critical primary research

Generate clear insights in diligence, strategy, and pricing work.

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A team that understands the end goal

Whether you’re a consultant making recommendations to a client, or an investor leading diligence on an asset, your primary research surveys underpin decisions worth millions.

IncQuery's survey solution is designed to give you peace of mind when authoring, fielding, and analyzing the results of these surveys through the help of a cohort of skilled survey directors and a custom-built, collaborative platform.

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Due diligence surveys that shape M&A decisions 

The project timeline for private equity due diligence continues to shrink as the space becomes more competitive. 

IncQuery was founded with this evolution in mind, blending lightning speed with exceptional precision. Our process, team, and platform are designed to help consultants meet sub-two week timelines.

Strategy surveys that inform corporate decision-making 

Strategy work benefits from the deep insights gleaned from primary research. We help consulting and strategy teams launch surveys that deliver exceptional insights with the least effort possible.

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Pricing surveys for go-to-market research 

Pricing studies often require advanced question types like conjoints, Van Westendorp, or Gabor-Granger to yield impactful data. Our survey directors can quickly and accurately code these complex questions, returning pre-cut data for accelerated analysis in the process.

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