Download the Consultant's Guide to Diligence Surveys

Execute diligence surveys more efficiently than ever before.

We wrote the Consultant's Guide to Diligence Surveys for associates at management consulting firms who administer surveys for their project teams.

Consider downloading this survey if you've ever struggled with:

  • Tight timelines imposed by clients.
  • A high volume of unqualified respondents.
  • An unstructured and unfocused survey creation process.
  • General frustration with authoring surveys.

What's included in this guide:

  1. Guidance on how to outline your survey to enable efficient authorship.
  2. Screener and survey authoring best practices to maximize quality of responses.
  3. Introduction to common diligence survey question types (and how to structure them to glean meaningful data points).
  4. Testing methods proven to improve data quality and pinpoint sections prone to cheater exploitation.