The Associate’s Guide to Surveys

Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, our guide will help you level up your skills and create powerful surveys with confidence.

Strengthen Your Survey Skills

When it comes to creating surveys, a lot is riding on your shoulders. 

Your teammates and manager are relying on you to discover rich and quantifiable data that unlocks insights and drives informed business decisions.

Our free Associate’s Guide to Surveys will help you rise to the challenge — no matter if this is your first survey or your fiftieth.

You’ll learn basics, best practices, and advanced techniques, including how to:

  • Craft and refine research objectives
  • Create research personas 
  • Design a survey path
  • Screen out unqualified respondents
  • Choose the right question types
  • Test and launch the survey
  • And more

The guide is free, but the information it contains is invaluable. Download your copy today.

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