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“Game-Changer”: One Partner’s Experience With IncQuery

Eight of the top 10 global management consulting firms put their trust in IncQuery as their primary survey programming provider. As part of our ongoing effort to learn from our clients, we recently reached out to a partner from a top 3 management consulting firm in the APAC region and asked how IncQuery creates value for his team and organization. Here’s what he shared with us: 

Before the Switch 

What was it like before you began using IncQuery?  

We would have an associate draft a Word document, normally from scratch, for all the questions they wanted to ask. Maybe they would iterate and build from there, but most often, we would build the survey at length and circulate that to all our project leaders. Five or six stakeholders would also provide input. We’d go through two or three iteration cycles and then we’d get an ugly Word document and pass it over to the panel.  

Benefits and Advantages 

What are the biggest strengths of IncQuery?  

The ability to work through a configurable set-up for the survey in a way that tracks changes and allows commenting is its key feature, from my perspective. The key differentiators, on top of that, are the caliber of the team who supports us on every survey. They’re very sharp and understand what we’re trying to do. They make targeted suggestions. They’re creative and pragmatic.  

What have you been able to achieve since you started using IncQuery?  

We’ve been able to do more complex and advanced research than we would otherwise be able to do. We’ve designed better surveys themselves. We get better, richer results for clients.  

How has IncQuery changed how you review your team’s work and provide feedback?  

It is light years beyond circulating email. It’s a game-changer.  

Has IncQuery helped you win more business?  

It has definitely allowed us to professionalize how we go about running a survey. It has definitely helped us build our brand here.  


This blog post is the second in a series of first-person accounts from our users and clients. Please check out Using IncQuery for the First Time: One User’s Experience.